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Don’t miss the largest annual gathering of our real estate community! The 2014 Wilmington Real Estate Summit & Awards takes place Nov. 18 at the Wilmington Convention Center. You can see the full schedule and award finalists at WilmingtonRealEstateSummit.com. Use this discount code — mwmsummit — to save $10 on an all-access pass to the summit.

The event includes:
â€Â¢ A Keynote Breakfast with Dr. Katherine Loflin, the “City Doctor,” who is recognized around the world as a “placemaking” expert
â€Â¢ A panel discussion with leaders of five regional planning efforts
â€Â¢ TED-style talks from Castle Branch CEO Brett Martin, Wilmington Housing Authority CEO Katrina Redmon and Wilmington Urban Planner Allen Davis and Community Planner Suzanne Rogers
â€Â¢ An awards lunch to honor individuals and organizations that make our community more vibrant. You can see the finalist list here — http://www.wilmingtonbiz.com/eventDetails?eventID=53#tab21