Whether your intention for commercial land is to farm or to build a house,
there are some key questions you should ask your agent. Here are 5 top
questions to ask to make sure you are buying the land that is perfect for you!

  1. Has the property been surveyed?
    Before you sign for a commercial land property, ask your agent if the property has
    been surveyed, meaning does the land have property boundaries. This is important
    to know to determine if the property is big enough for your needs and so you can
    build or plant without fear of crossing into another property.
  2. Are there any internal roads or trails?
    An important question to ask your agent is if there are any trails or roads on the
    property. You should also ask if the roads or trails are public or private- will you
    have all the neighbors walking through your property or are they for your personal
  3. Are utilities available to the property?
    Make sure to ask your agent if utilities are available on your property and what
    kinds are. For example, can internet access reach your property? Is the water from a
    well or pipes? No matter what you are using your property for, utilities are crucial.
  4. What is the lay of the land?
    Before buying commercial land, make sure you know what the landscape is. Are
    there hills or ditches? Are there rivers, large boulders, or other landscape features
    that may make digging or building difficult?
  5. Who do I contact for zoning information?
    Zoning laws differ from place to place, so make sure to ask your agent who you need
    to contact to get the most up to date laws concerning zoning, what you can put on
    the property, etc.