Today, energy efficiency is high on the list for property buyers. Because of the popularity of ‘going green’,
some simple, energy efficient changes to your property will drastically increase the value when you are
ready to sell.

Install solar panels. Solar panels are a great first step to creating a ‘green’, energy efficient property. They
drastically cut down electricity costs as well as cut down on waste produced from traditional electricity.
While solar panels are a fairly large upfront investment, they pay off in the long run by boosting the property
value and lowering monthly costs. Buyers love a solar energy system that is already set up, and will pay to
have one.

Install new windows. Yes, going green can be as simple as that. By installing windows with the Energy
Star label, you can greatly reduce the heat gain or loss on your property through windows. This is attractive
to buyers or renters of the property not only because of the updated look of new windows but also because
of the reduced monthly energy costs.

Strategically plant trees. Plants and trees add appeal to the outside look of a property, which
automatically boosts the value. However, strategically planting trees has an added benefit. In the warm
months, these trees can provide shade to your property, allowing your cooling system to slow down. In the
winter months, these same trees provide wind protection, protecting your property from heat loss, keeping
your costs down.

Get LEED Certified. By receiving the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification, you are telling
potential buyers clearly that your property is sustainable and green. This is proven to increase value and
buyer traffic.

Give your property a Green Roof. Green roofs are roofs that are covered, partially or completely, with
foliage and a growing medium, placed on a waterproof membrane. This is attractive to buyers if already in
place so they can enjoy the benefits of a green roof without putting in the work involved. Some of these
benefits include decreased storm water runoff, increased water quality, and improved air quality inside the
building. Water that would normally go down storm drains is absorbed and filtered through the green roof,
and the shade provided by the green roof lowers energy costs inside the building.