Do you have a commercial property you are looking to sell or rent out?  Here are some tips for you to consider to increase the value in order to charge more in rent or sell for a higher


First, make improvements to your property. Start by improving the outside of your
property. A beautiful first impression will greatly increase the value of your commercial
property. Along these lines, continue improvements inside the property to increase its
value. Add amenities and conveniences that will allow customers or visitors to have a
pleasurable and comfortable visit.

Property Use

Another way to increase the value of a recently bought property is by changing its use. By
changing the use of commercial property to something that is relevant to the location, the
value of it will increase as more people shop there, rent there, etc.

Recurring Fees

You can also increase the value by changing who pays certain recurring fees. For example,
if you rent rooms out to tenants, have them pay their utilities to take that price off you and
your profits will increase. Or, if you rent spaces to small businesses, have the renters pay
the utilities for their own space. Along those same lines, you can talk with renters about
extending leases. This will increase the property value because it shows that people are
willing to make a long term commitment to the property.

Reduce Cost

One last tip to consider if you want to increase the value of your property is to find ways to
reduce your costs. By doing simple things such as installing LED light bulbs or solar panels
to decrease your electric costs, you will be able to get a larger return when you sell the