Canines for Service, who has provided service dogs for those in need in the Wilmington area since 1996, announced their purchase of the space they had previously been leasing at 221 Old Dairy Road!

About Canines for Service

Canines for Service selects and trains dogs to assist those with limitations or disabilities whether it be physical or mental. As their mission statement states, they are “empowering people with disabilities to achieve greater independence and enhanced quality of life through the services of specially trained assistance dogs.”

They train the dogs to assist people with disabilities and help them complete everyday tasks such as opening doors and picking up items off the floor. In addition to serving the Wilmington area, they also train service dogs for veterans nationwide.

Canines for Service began in Wilmington, NC after founder, Rick Hairston, relocated to the area and saw the need for a service dog organization. Canines for Service began its operation in 1996 in co-founder, Rick Hariston’s home and has since grown, moving from a leased 1,600 square foot space to a space over just 5,000 square feet.

The Purchase

Canines for Service, a client of Maus, Warwick, Matthews, and Co., leased the space on Old Dairy Road for three years. In May 2019, they announced they were purchasing the 5,022-square-foot unit for $475,000 and will continue to use the space to train service dogs.  The organization also utilizes a second property totaling 10,000 square feet of space to carry out operations.

Canines for Service provides Wilmington with excellent service, and the team at Maus, Warwick, Matthews, and Company is excited to see their continued success and growth. 

Learn more about the important work Canines for Service is doing and how you can get involved.