The Cargo District is located in midtown Wilmington near downtown and is home to many new residents and businesses! Some of the businesses that call the cargo district home are Alcove Beer Garden, Mess Hall, Queen Street Barber Shop, EOD Distillery, New Town Roastery and Coworx. You can find a full list of community members here on the Cargo District website. Over the past few years, this cargo container community has grown tremendously and gained popularity in Wilmington. 

Area Popularity

This community is a favorite for locals and visitors to grab dinner, get drinks, shop, and host events. Businesses in the Cargo District also regularly host community markets for local artists and vendors, which always draws large crowds of patrons and supporters. Many find the sense of community in the area inspiring and something worth being a part of!

Many of the business owners in the community are happy to see their business neighbors experience so much growth. Some businesses that got their start in the Cargo District are expanding so quickly that they are already moving to new locations in the community to have more space. For example, Transcend Bookkeeping & Finance recently outgrew their space in Coworx and is moving to a unit across the street to accommodate their growing team of employees. Additionally, The Plant Outpost recently moved from their single-unit cargo ship to a larger storefront unit due to the high demand of their product. 

Wilmington Cargo District

Plans for Growth

The growing popularity of the Cargo District has gained the attention of investors as well. Recently, New York investor Cargo District Rentals LLC purchased parts of the Cargo District with intentions to grow and expand the area. The New York based investor group purchased the block containing the 9 cargo container apartments and the block containing the co-working space, Coworx. 

Cargo District developer, Lesllie Smith, noted that they are planning on flipping old commercial buildings in the surrounding area and turning them into more restaurants, venues and other types of businesses. There are no plans of demolition, just plans of restoration. With the goal to bring more life to the community with the help of cargo shipping containers. 

Wilmington Cargo District

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the cool businesses and architecture in the Wilmington Cargo District!  Keep an eye out for community events and new businesses coming to the area! If you are interested in moving your business to the area, give us a call and let’s see what we can do!