Introducing Mannkind Brewing, the newest addition to Brunswick County’s brewery scene. Located at 9600 Ploof Road #7, this 5,000-square-foot space is the product of Jeremy Mann, a seasoned home brewer turned brewery owner, and his wife Cassie. MWM agent, Turner Schaeffer, played a pivotal role in helping Mankind Brewing Company secure this promising location.

The brewery has a 10-barrel system, producing up to 310 gallons of beer per batch. With a 1,400-square-foot taproom and a 3,000-square-foot outdoor beer garden, complete with food trucks and live entertainment, Mannkind offers a unique experience for beer enthusiasts. Mannkind Brewing is now open! Featuring a diverse selection of brews, including a pale ale, IPA, Belgian-style ale, and a light lager, catering to a wide demographic.

Head brewer Alexis Scrivani, a graduate of Appalachian State’s fermentation science program, is leading the charge in crafting Mannkind’s signature beers. The initial lineup will feature beers with an alcohol by volume percentage between 5% and 8%, with plans to introduce “fun beers” like sours, stouts, and other IPAs down the line.

Mannkind Brewing is more than just a brewery; it’s a community hub. Family- and dog-friendly, it offers a welcoming atmosphere for all. Live entertainment, including comedians and trivia, along with a rotating selection of food trucks, promise a fun time for all patrons.

With plans to expand capacity and introduce limited distribution, Mannkind Brewing is poised to make a significant mark in the local craft beer scene. You can read more about Mankind Brewing, including their business hours, here. Big congratulations to Turner Schaeffer for helping Mannkind find their new space!