A few of the many services we provide at Maus, Warwick, Matthews & Company are the selling and leasing of commercial properties. We work with our clients to get properties sold or leased in a timely and smooth manner. One way we do this is by sticking to a trusted commercial real estate marketing process. If you work with us on the sale or lease of a commercial property, here is what the process looks like.

Marketing Methods

We use a variety of channels to make the property visible to those who might be interested in purchasing it. First, we place a branded sign on all of our properties that contain important contact information whereby we would receive calls from prospective tenants and the brokerage community. These are a great way to gain visibility and acknowledgement of the property that is for sale/lease. Second, we create detailed marketing packages with extensive information about each property. These packages include content such as photos, maps, contact information, local traffic counts, demographics and nearby businesses. These packages contain all of the important information about the property and are easy to send around.

Lastly, we list our properties through two online mediums: Catalyst and Costar/Loopnet. Catalyst is a local MLS commercial website, and LoopNet/Costar is a local, regional, and national commercial real estate search engine. Many of our out-of-town inquiries are initiated either through LoopNet or Costar. We are one of the few local companies who subscribe to Costar, giving us direct access to an extremely thorough database of users, property owners and transactions. We employ each of these tactics in a 4 part marketing schedule. 

Marketing Schedule

We follow a schedule when completing our marketing measures to make sure everything runs smoothly. First, we receive the listing paperwork from the agent associated with the sale or lease and begin the listing process. Second, our admin starts creating listings in Catalyst and Costar. Then, if needed, they notify the agent to finish the listing with any extra information, pictures, floor plans, etc. Third, our broker puts in a sign request to our admin. Our admin then calls 811 to locate before digging and orders any signs or special riders for the sign. Once 811 is cleared and we have been notified that the riders are ready, we send it to be installed by a professional. Lastly, our admin adds the listing to Catalyst and Costar once the broker has completed it. Additionally, our marketing specialist attaches the associated marketing package to the online listing. 


Our commercial real estate marketing process has proven successful for the many properties we have sold and leased over the years. It is imperative that we complete each of these steps with each property to ensure they get the visibility they need. As always, we will make sure to take great care with each commercial property we deal with. You can check out our website, social media sites, and MLS page to see examples of our work.