Suzy, a market research firm focused in technology and real-time research is opening a tech hub in Downtown Wilmington! This will bring 40 new jobs to the region with the average annual salary at $120,000. This is great news for Wilmington and those seeking employment in the area. 

Who is Suzy?

Suzy “aims to advance human understanding between consumers and enterprises everywhere,” according to the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce. As a company, they are intentional on providing their employees with a quality work experience. They provide a hybrid work force that focus’ on a work-life balance. Forbes even named Suzy one of America’s Best Startup Employers in 2021. 

Suzy raised $78 million in funding since the beginning of 2021 and has launched two major products during that time as well. They provide several products, though, including specific audiences, insights, online interviews with audiences and product release notes. They also provide solution products including concept testing, product development, in-home usage tests and shopper insights. 

What makes Suzy different is their pricing. They did away with the cost per response model and moved to a SaaS model that offers licenses to customers that gives them more on-demand insights with predictability and flexibility. They have their technology integrated into their platform which allows them to give their customers insights much faster and more efficiently than their competitors. 

Suzy is set to move into the 3rd floor of the Bank of America building downtown on 3rd street this month. 

What this Means for Wilmington

As mentioned before, this move will bring about 40 new jobs to the area with excellent salaries. These new jobs, along with the Wilmington lifestyle and community will attract many job-seekers. Suzy’s move also helps grow the area’s job diversity and technology presence. Who knows where this will lead in the future! 

You can find more information and job openings on the Suzy website! Check out our other blogs for more local news, events and market trends!