Office space design has changed a lot over the past 10 years. From collaborative work areas to new technology to eco-friendly building materials, office space trends create an opportunity for both landlords and business owners. Whether you’re looking to increase your property’s appeal to future renters or upgrade your office in 2020, here are a few office space design trends to pay attention to.

Promoting Wellness in Your Office Building

More and more companies are focusing on employee well-being through benefit packages and employee programs, but some companies are taking it a step further by focusing on wellness in the office design. Studies show happy employees are productive employees. Investing in your employees’ wellness is truly an investment in your business. Here are a few building and design elements you can incorporate in your office space:


Natural light is a happiness booster. Wherever possible, let in natural light. In parts of the office that lack natural lighting, update the old fluorescent lighting with energy-efficient LEDs. Not only is the lighting better, but LEDs also use very little electricity which can lower your electric bill. 


Indoor plants help create a pleasant environment in your office space. In fact, they actually help purify the air. For low-maintenance plants, check out this list of the 8 best office plants.

Offer Ergonomic Options

From keyboard trays to standing desks, there are a variety of ergonomic workstation options. Standing periodically while working can reduce certain health risks and boost overall employee happiness.

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Open Office vs. Private Office Floor Plans

The open office concept exploded a few years back. The idea was an open floor plan fosters an open and creative team. For the most part, this is true, but it also leads to a lack of privacy and can create distractions. So, is the trend swinging back to private offices? Not exactly!

We’re seeing a combination of open workspaces with private areas. When deciding the type of workspace you should create, consider your team’s needs. Do they have frequent client calls and need a private, quiet space? Or do they frequently collaborate on projects together? Decide what works best for your team, and design the office space to fit those needs! 

Nature-Inspired Interior Design

The move towards greener, more sustainable buildings is not new. However, the “green” interior design trends are continuing to evolve. Designs now include technology-driven energy efficiency, sustainable building materials, and bring the outdoors in – taking it a few steps beyond your typical office plants. Companies are sourcing nature-inspired elements like wood and stone and incorporating features like indoor vertical gardens. Check out these ideas to inspire your 2020 office designs.


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