How to Prepare your Commercial Property for Sale or Lease

When you decide it’s time to sell or lease your commercial real estate Wilmington NC property, you want to make sure you set off on the right foot. There are some steps you can take to help prepare your property for sale or lease, and they aren’t too difficult to complete. If you follow these few simple steps, your commercial property should be off the market in no time!

commercial property for sale or lease

First Impressions are Everything

When it comes to selling or leasing any property, first impressions are important. Some potential buyers might not even bother considering or looking into your property any further if they don’t get a good first impression. When preparing your commercial property for sale or lease, be sure to inspect the outside of the property. Touch up any paint that might be chipped or peeling, apply new paint, fix any issues in the parking lot, refinish parking spot lines, do some light landscaping. All of these small fixes will give your property a fresh start and leave a good impression on potential buyers, as the outside of the property will be the first thing they will see.

Repurpose the Inside

If you have invested in industrial properties Wilmington NC for any long period of time, chances are the inside has been used for many different things. Since you might not know the intention of any potential buyer or renter, it is best to depersonalize the interior of the property to the best of your ability. Repaint any bold colors to a more neutral shade, move out any personal belongings or rearrange things as you see fit. Getting rid of any clutter or excess filing cabinets or other items inside is also a good idea. Making the inside space into something that anyone can walk into and picture their use taking shape is sure to hit the nail on the head when it comes to marketing your property.

Overall Appearance

Keep in mind the overall appearance of your property throughout the entire process. Do a final sweep once you have made any changes to both the interior and the exterior, making sure that no leftover debris remains or anything is out of place. Being consistently in keeping your property in tip top shape will have it off the market in no time.

All of these tips are easy to follow and are sure to move your property to the top of everyone’s list!