2022 is going to be a great year for investing in commercial real estate. As we saw from our 2022 outlook, there are many CRE sectors that will be booming this year, which means a lot of opportunities! Before you invest in a commercial property, make sure to ask yourself essential questions. Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself before investing in commercial real estate!

Is the Property in Demand?

Depending on the type of property you are interested in buying, it’s important to make sure there will be sustained demand for that property type. Making sure that your property will be in demand in your area will ensure that your investment will be needed by tenants long-term. 

Is the Location Good?

Part of making sure that your property is in demand is to make sure it is in a desirable location. Researching and choosing a good city and a good location within that city is key in finding a good investment. Complete your due diligence and check on zoning ordinances to make sure you can operate your property in the way you originally intended. 

Additionally, it’s important to check on the development pipeline near your property. Make sure you know what is coming to the area to know if it will affect your properties profitability. 

Can you Trust the Developer?

In addition to the demand and location, it is also important to know that you trust the developer. If the developer did a shoddy job, that might limit the profit potential for the property and cause you headaches in the long run. You want to make sure that the developer has a good reputation and that you can trust the property is in good standing. 

Does it Fit with Your Investment Goals?

Does this commercial property investment fit with your investment goals? Ask yourself this and make sure that it works well for you and your overall objectives. Keep in mind that diversity in your investment portfolio is important!

While it might seem like a lot to keep in mind, it’s better to think about these things before you make any moves! If you need help finding the right investment property, get in contact with us! Investment properties are a specialty here, and we would love to walk you through the process!