Changing up some of your business practices and going greener can not only help the environment, but can help your business financially as well. Implementing environmentally friendly practices can help save money that can then be invested right back into the business.  Having a green commercial space is also beneficial for landlords looking to lease their space, as these types of places are very appealing to many business owners. Besides the money saved, going green also comes with benefits such as tax credits, less office clutter, higher productivity rates and healthier employees. Here are a few simple ways for your business to go green.

Lower Utilities 

There are a few ways that you can “go green” in the office that will also help you lower your utility costs. Adjust your thermostat or consider getting a smart thermostat to control the temperature and avoid running it when no one is there. Switch out your current lighting with energy efficiency lighting to save money there too. Some other ways to save money and go green with lighting is by utilizing natural lighting using timed lights.

Reduce Waste

Another way to go green is to consider using more reusable products in your business space. Reduce paper waste by only printing essentials, buying recycled paper, and update your mailing lists (both ones you are on and ones you use to send). Also place a recycle bin in a central location and invite your employees to recycle any waste they can. 

Improve Landscaping

Invest in nice landscaping around the building to help purify the air from allergens and toxins. This way, when employees take their breaks they come back feeling refreshed. This helps improve productivity and employee’s quality of health, which in turn reduces sick days taken. Plus, a nicely kept lawn area looks more appealing!

Consider Telecommuting

Something we are all too familiar with now. By offering the option of working from home to your employees, this cuts down on emissions from transportation. This also helps with company utility bills since they are using their own utilities at their homes. Thankfully, technology helps make this easier today.


This is not a comprehensive list of ways for your business to go green, as there are essentially hundreds now. Remember you don’t have to make any big jumps either. Start small, progress is progress! You might be surprised at how these changes will benefit your business (and the environment around you)! 

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