Wilmington, North Carolina, has recently been crowned the No. 1 spot for the South’s Best City on the Rise, as declared by Southern Living magazine. This recognition marks a significant milestone for the city, known for its beaches and charming atmosphere. Sid Evans, the editor-in-chief of Southern Living, highlighted Wilmington’s allure alongside other notable destinations like Marfa, Texas, in the magazine’s annual survey.

The Southern Living’s eighth annual South’s Best Awards relied on feedback from over 20,000 respondents through an online survey conducted by the third-party agency Proof Insights. Kim Hufham, president and CEO of the Wilmington and Beaches Convention and Visitors Bureau, emphasized the value of this recognition from a tourism perspective, underlining its impact on attracting visitors to the region.

In addition to Wilmington’s rise to the top, the survey recognized other cities like Franklin, Tennessee, and Spartanburg, South Carolina, among others. These cities are praised for their vibrant food scenes, charming downtown areas, natural beauty, and thriving arts communities.

While Wilmington proudly holds its position as the leading city on the rise, it’s essential to acknowledge the ongoing growth and development in other Southern cities. With Charleston, Savannah, Nashville, New Orleans, and Asheville claiming the top spots in the overall Best Cities category, the South continues to captivate with its diverse offerings and warm hospitality.

As a commercial real estate company in Wilmington, this recognition underscores the city’s appeal and potential for investment opportunities. With its rising stature and ongoing development, Wilmington stands as a prime destination for businesses and investors seeking growth and prosperity in the South.